Know When to Call Your Plumber for High-Quality Water Heater Repair


Many homes in Santa Clarita and other parts of the world use hot water for cooking, bathing, cleaning, and space heating. To ensure you have reliable hot water every day, you must keep your water heater in good condition. Unfortunately, your water heater will not last a lifetime, even with regular maintenance and servicing.

There will come a time you’ll need to repair or replace the water heater. If your water heating is not working problem, it’s best to call professionals who offer top-notch Santa clarita emergency plumber. This article explores the top water heater problems and explains why you should hire an expert to perform repairs.

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Why Your Water Heater Needs Repair- Be On the Know

Here are notable red flags that your water heater needs fixing:

Insufficient Hot Water

You might notice a decline in the hot water supply, or the water takes time to heat up. This is a clear indicator your system has an underlying issue. A heating element in your water heater may have malfunctioned, or the thermocouple or gas control valve may be faulty.

Discolored or Rusty Water 

You’ll easily notice rusty or discolored water from the system with your naked eyes. This is a sign of corrosion inside the water heater tank. It’s a serious issue requiring immediate attention as you don’t wish to use rusty water for everyday tasks.

Strange Noises 

You may have noticed a popping, rumbling, or banging sound from your water heater. This issue will grab your attention immediately, and the unusual sounds can be alarming. These noises can be due to sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. The residues will harden and reduce the efficiency of the water heater.

Water Leakage 

Don’t ignore any water leakage around the water heater. Leaks can cause cracks and reduce the efficiency of your water heater. Mold growth is possible and can expose you to health issues.

Low Water Pressure 

Malfunctioning of the water heater will cause low pressure. The presence of minerals and other residues in the tank will negatively impact the water pressure.

Damaged Pressure Relief or In-Line Valve

A loose in-line valve can cause leaks on top of the water tank. There is also a pressure relief valve that can also start to leak. Hence, any water loss due to leakage will translate to insufficient warm water or a low supply of water.

Old Age

Your water heater may become less efficient due to old age. The average water heater lifespan is 10 to 12 years, depending on maintenance and type. If it exceeds the predicted lifespan, it will experience frequent breakdowns.

Hire the Best Plumber to Repair Your Water Heater

Recognizing any of the above problems will help you take immediate action and call a professional. Choose a reliable plumbing company in Santa Clarita specializing in water heater repair services, maintenance, and installation. Further, it should have a good reputation in the industry and hire the best plumbers.

You should consider professional water heater service because you’ll work with trained plumbers. Check their qualifications and understanding of the industry. Dealing with professionals is cost-effective, and you will not have any worries about plumbing emergencies.

To Sum Up 

It’s important to keep your water heater in good condition all the time. Regular maintenance is crucial and helps extend the lifespan of your water heating system. Many homeowners choose to DIY to save money, but such a decision can be costly if you don’t have the skillset and experience. You should be well-acquainted with signs of a malfunctioning water heater that need immediate attention and make the right call. Be sure not to wait until the last minute to call a plumber. Make the wise decision to work with an experienced, certified, licensed, and well-trained plumber.

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