Get the results you want in recession with business coaching


It’s difficult times for business leaders. With the current economic downturn, it seems really more difficult, but there has never been a better time to steal a march in the competition. Advantages in market share and recognition of brands waiting for those who are ready to prepare for their sales, marketing and development efforts while others retreat under pressure.

Adopting ‘Wait and see’ Policy, on the other hand, potentially disaster for your business because the missing binoculars are to look for Titanic.

If your general experience and your executive team have gained in beautiful moments, then trading conditions today will not only be new but will also present very demanding tests. You have to focus, be brave, and a leader for all around you. That means having a plan (short and long term) to work, a direction to focus attention and energy and development strategies that will make you in front of a new business prospective because your competitors save and wither. Be prepared to fight the cutting pressure of the knee and, instead, look to strengthen your sales pipe.


Of course good intentions everything is fine but the number is not there if they are not followed up. And even if you have entirely registered for a vision ahead for your business, it can be a struggle to make that vision come true.

Creating the required space and time to plan the future, explore new opportunities and win businesses from weaker competitors is not easy on the market where survival is everyone’s agenda. But do nothing, or hide behind daily fire extinguisher, is not an option if your business will come out of a very real challenge in front.

Good steps – and one is increasingly followed by the company’s executives and the same business owner – is recruiting business coach services. Actually it is increasingly doing it according to the recent CIPD learning and development survey and for reasons that are not difficult to understand.

First, managing the company is a lonely business at the best moments, it’s okay when market pressure conspires to make work more busy. Having someone who has a view to share, voicing opinions and generally chewing fat – everything is secretly – rarely given a business life that is Hurly.

This is a role that can be filled by a good business coach (provided, of course, you have chosen the wise and selected with high-level business experience that can be proven by itself). Not only that but the regular training session will keep you away from your desk (and maybe far from your office) regularly. They will give you space to consider and discuss things that are free from phone and email while working with your own agenda.

Strategic form

It doesn’t go too far beyond the case to emphasize how important ‘breathing space’ can give you clarity and perspective to hone your thoughts into a strategic form.

Your coach will work to understand your needs and the business context in which you operate and, by doing so, being the foil of information you need to get to the decisions that are well considered. Hope that your assumptions are challenged and your plans are dissected when you work firmly towards the destination that can be achieved, set a measurable milestone and evaluate clear progress along the way.

Your coach will also function as an external, objective and trusted partner with whom you can share ideas and who will ask you to explain whatever actions agreed or taken.

It supports that will give you a real advantage in difficult times by allowing you to develop your entrepreneurial resources – and use your competitors’ fully certainty and inertia. Save business in the form of challenges today this way and no doubt will be ready to seize chance tomorrow.

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