Ways to Prepare for Deck Waterproofing Project in your Apartment


For many families, enjoying the atmosphere of the apartment deck is an ultimate summer highlight. Unfortunately, your deck lifetime is limited. But with proper maintenance, you can increase its lifetime. Regular inspection and applying a waterproofing coat are essential to achieve a longer lifetime. However, the deck waterproofing project requires adequate preparation.

Here are ways to prepare for a deck waterproofing project in your apartment.

  1. Prepare waterproofing materials.

When it comes to deck waterproofing, the material will play a vital role in the success of your project. When acquiring your materials, consider their functionality and their aesthetics. However, if you have trouble accessing suitable materials, consult your contract.

  1. Prepare safety considerations 

Before starting your deck waterproofing project, thoroughly check all the safety considerations. Some safety measures will include:

  • Hire mold removal services to prepare your deck if you notice signs of mold.
  • Wear protective clothing such as goggles to prevent skin irritation caused by deck waterproofing materials.
  • Cover your nearby plants
  • Wear your mask to avoid breathing in debris.
  1. Clean and clear your deck space 

If you wish to do deck waterproofing, ensure there will be no obstructions. Your project contractor will want a place to work that is both clear and clean. Remove any underlying materials on your deck for a smooth deck waterproofing project. Start by keeping off any furniture or grill or any loose boards. Repair the loose boards before your contractor starts the coating process.

4 Smooth out any Rough areas around the deck surface

Having a smooth deck surface is vital before preparing for a waterproofing project. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough spots on your deck. By presenting a smooth deck, your installation will be effective.

If any damage is identified, you’ll be able to repair it effectively.

Additionally, ensure there is no debris on your deck and smooth out your deck earlier. Besides, your contractor won’t apply a waterproofing coat wet deck.

  1. Test your deck

Start by dropping some water on your deck to see if it’s for the new coat of waterproofing. If you notice bubbles or water remains, it will be likely because the old sealant protects your deck. But if your deck absorbs the water, you’ll be sure that a new coat is required.

  1. Prepare for coating application 

Before coating, mix it thoroughly to ensure an even layer. Again, avail small paintbrushes to your contractor. These make it easy to reach each corner and railings. Remember, some deck patches will still be vulnerable to water if you miss any spot.

  1. Contract experienced contractors

Whether rebuilding or renovating, a deck waterproofing project is an essential investment. However, your choice of contractor is a significant determinant of your project’s success.

Vet different contractors and do a background check to ascertain their competencies. Ensure your choice of contractor is licensed and has the necessary experience, tools, and workforce.

Wrapping up

Your preparation determines the success of your deck waterproofing project. They facilitate your contractor’s work to complete your waterproofing project within a short time. So, ensure you apply the above-discussed points when preparing your deck waterproofing project.

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