Why You Should Call a Professional Appliance Repair Technician



Home appliances make your everyday life easy and convenient. So many tasks seem impossible without time. However, since they are extensively used, they break down from time to time. While you can take the DIY route to fix them, hiring a professional is always a better option. If you want to hire one for your broken refrigerator, you can search for “refrigerator repair near me”. Let’s check out why you should call a professional appliance repair technician.

The Reasons

  1. Time – Time is very precious. Often time is more precious than money. If you go the DIY route, you may be able to save some money. However, you need to consider if it’s worth the time. Hiring a professional can save you hours spent on fixing your broken home appliance. You can spend that time on more important things. For instance, you can spend time with your loved ones or take advantage of the opportunities you may have missed while fixing your home appliance.

Moreover, when you go the DIY route you need to rent or buy specialized tools and spend hours learning about your appliance model. On the other hand, professionals with years of experience and technical knowledge can quickly figure out what’s wrong with the appliance and fix it in no time.

  1. Money – Apart from time, hiring a professional can also save you money. Sounds counterintuitive right? However, there’s no denying the truth. As mentioned above, when you fix your appliance yourself, you spend several hours on it. That means there’s an opportunity cost. Let’s do some math. While every appliance repair is unique, you’ll spend anywhere between $200 to $900 on average for fixing anything from a refrigerator to your home’s HVAC system.

Let’s assume you are able to fix your appliance within 5 hours of research, tool gathering, and actual time spent on fixing the appliance. Even if you earn around $40 every hour, you break even at 5 hours. It’s a profit if you have a higher wage. Moreover, that repair cost consists of parts usually replaced during the repair. You’d need to pay for them either way. That’s why it’s best to hire a professional and save yourself the hassle.

Apart from that, there are also safety risks with certain appliances. For instance, your dryer, oven, refrigerator, HVAC system, and other appliances run the risk of electrical fires if not fixed properly. Even if you don’t burn down your home after fixing your appliance, a shoddy repair job may reduce the life of the appliance. That’s a loss of thousands of dollars that can be avoided by hiring a professional.

  1. You get the best results – Professionals have been in the business of fixing appliances for several years and have also been trained for the job. Even if you manage to fix your appliance yourself, it may be a temporary fix. The problem may appear again after some time. When you hire a professional, they don’t just give you a temporary fix. Instead, they diagnose your appliance to get to the root of the problem and fix the underlying issue.

Hiring a professional, offers you the best fix you can get. Your appliance gets permanently fixed and you don’t have to worry about the issue popping up again. Professionals are also trained for maximum customer satisfaction and can suggest to you how to increase the lifespan of your home appliance.

  1. Energy – If you have a faulty refrigerator, HVAC system, or dryer it may not work optimally. When appliances don’t work optimally, they tend to consume more energy and that means you pay more for power. Even if you are able to fix the appliance’s problem temporarily and are not able to fix the underlying issue, it will keep drawing more power from the wall. While it may be just a few more dollars every month, it can add up to hundreds of dollars annually. With a professional fixing your appliance these issues won’t arise unless your appliance is extremely old.
  1. Warranty – Let’s assume that you are able to fix your appliance for now. However, if it’s not done properly, it may stop working after a few weeks and that’s money and time that’s been wasted. However, if your appliance is new there’s no need to go above and beyond for such repairs since it may be covered by warranty.

Moreover, if you fix the appliance yourself, it may void the existing warranty and you may end up paying for repairs even when it could be available for free. Professionals also provide you repair warranty. That means if the fixed problem reoccurs within the repair warranty period, the problem would be fixed by the professional free of charge.

  1. Specialized tools and equipment – As homeowners, you have a limited arsenal of tools. If fixing and modifying cars is your hobby you may have a lot of specialized automobile tools in your garage. However, the same may not be true for your home appliances. As home appliances get equipped with more advanced technology, they use special screws, fittings, and hardware.

Professionals keep up with this stuff and have the necessary tools to properly disassemble and reassemble your home appliances. There’s no need for forceful prying that may damage your home appliance and spike up the repair cost.

  1. Convenience – At the end of the day, hiring a professional is just more convenient. When you try to DIY a fix, it takes a lot of time, energy, and research. At the end of the repair job, you may not get satisfactory results and end up reducing the efficiency and lifespan of the appliance. Calling up a professional and paying him or her at the end of the repair is just more convenient.


As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to hiring a professional repairman for fixing your home appliances. From saving time and money to fixing your appliances without voiding the warranty. If your refrigerator has broken down and you need to hire a professional to fix it, you can search for “refrigerator repair near me”.

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