What are Cash House Buyers?


Trying to time the real estate market can be an exercise in frustration – and futility at times. Bubbles and hot spots come and go quickly, as do downturns… it can feel rather like a rollercoaster. While thrill rides are fun at parks and fairs, they are not as enjoyable when you are trying to plan the next steps in your life, housing options, and bank account! Reputable house buyers in the UK can help you achieve your goals on an accelerated timeline and without the stress, aggravation, and expense so often associated with conventional real estate processes.

How does it work? And is opting for cash house buyers the right option for you?

House Buyers Can Accommodate Your Needs 

While each prospective house seller has unique needs, they are typically looking for these common elements:

  • A streamlined process that results in a satisfactory outcome; that is, a successful transaction – and funds in your bank account
  • Security and transparency throughout the selling stage
  • Experience they can leverage for a successful sale
  • No cumbersome, frustrating property chain
  • Ease and convenience at every step

Unfortunately, many of these aspects are in short supply during a traditional selling process. It can take an average of six months from start to finish, and sellers often get caught in a property chain, buyers backing out of the deal, financing falling through, fees upon fees associated with agents, solicitors, valuation experts, and on and on.

Cash house buyers mitigate not only the complexity of the process but also the stress and anxiety. As well, you do not have to worry about watching the market like a hawk, timing it, or catching a bubble before it bursts. Instead, you receive a fair market offer and within days to a week, you will have sold your property and can access those funds to fuel your next endeavor. Whether you need to relocate for work or family or you have your dream house picked out, you do not have to wait month after agonizing month waiting.

At the same time, house buyers do not charge:

  • Real estate fees
  • Solicitors’ fees (GoodMove takes care of these charges if you opt to use our recommended solicitors; if you choose your own, we offer £500 towards those costs)
  • Fees for valuations (our team undertakes two valuations; upon receipt of these reports and a RICS survey report, we either confirm or amend our initial offer)
  • Commission

These fees can easily add up to thousands (or even tens of thousands) of pounds. You must be aware that cash buyers typically up to 85% of the market value of your house. However, given that they eliminate these other expenses, it can be a favorable approach to selling your property.

“Buyer Beware” 

In this case, seller beware! It is imperative that when you decide to use a house buyer you select a reputable partner who is fully regulated and in compliance with UK standards and guidelines.

What else should you expect when choosing a company to accommodate your needs?

  • There are many times when choosing a novice can help you save a few pounds. Selling your house is not one of them. A home is one of the biggest investments you will make in life; to realise the most advantageous returns, you need someone who understands real estate and its myriad complexities on an in-depth level.
  • Experts in the UK market. Additionally, choosing a professional or team with expertise in the UK market, as well as in quick house sales, is essential. There are quirks and pieces of the process that are quite different to those in other locales and countries. Look for a full UK staff.
  • Chartered surveyors. A successful outcome relies largely on the results of your RICS report. Our RICS certified chartered surveyors empower us to access targeted insights that facilitate a fast sale.
  • NAPB member. The National Association of Property Buyers seeks to improve the standards in the quick sale sector. All members must register with the Property Ombudsman (TPO). This delivers the peace of mind you need throughout your transaction.
  • No hidden fees. Any offer that sounds too good to be true is, as they say, too good to be true! Every cost associated with the process should be outlined and made clear to you from the outset. With GoodMove, there are no hidden costs and no surprises.
  • If you wish for your transaction to remain private, it is crucial that your house buyers work with you. This means no sales boards, no viewings, and no advertising that will put you in the spotlight, as it were. Sales are entirely private and confidential.


If it is time for you to sell your home and you wish to do it quickly and efficiently, contact the experts at GoodMove.

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