VoIP – Progress in Communication Technology


VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol which is a revolutionary progress in communication technology. This is a technology that makes it possible to make voice calls in distant places using broadband internet. There are no fixed channels or telephone numbers needed for such communication; This works only on the effectiveness of internet connections.

This system works on the principle of voice conversion in the form of a digital signal. It requires a computer, internet connection, or VoIP phone. When someone calls through a computer, or a VoIP phone, or a traditional phone connected to a special adapter, the sound of the system converts to digital signals moving through the internet. The sound of the handset, Mike, or VoIP phone is an analog signal that produces an electrical signal in the gadget and then changes it into a digital voice. This analog sound conversion to digital is channeled through various gateways and servers that support technology. PSTN or general switch telephone network is an important circuit-switched network that ensures sound transmission in a way that is heard by the human ear. During the entire transmission process, protocols such as SIP are used to control calls in terms of connection settings, calls, and termination. SIP is a short form of session initiation protocol which is an IP phone signal protocol used to set and modify VoIP calls.

There is a heavy entry of demand on VoIP services with many benefits they offer. The most important benefit is cost efficiency in terms of cheap phone calls in remote locations. Many companies and multinational companies today have also embraced technology with open arms. They can now save millions that accounts for about thirty to fifty percent of traditional telephone bills. It also offers flexibility to explore the web, use emails when communicating on distance voice calls. It has also helped companies and organizations increase their productivity because it allows document attachments to voice messages and is relatively cheaper with better vote clarity. Regardless of the attached document, users can also share presentations, files, applications, projects, and essence of board meetings simultaneously with different offices at the same time.

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