There are different saws for cutting through different materials. When cutting through steel-encased concrete, you need a concrete wire saw. For that, you need to reach out to a Wire Sawing contractor Toronto. It is a task that should never be left with to the untrained hands as it can be a hazard. You need a company by your side that has experienced and trained professionals that can carry out the task for you. 360 Demo is the leading name in the industry. They are the go-to service providers for all wire sawing related needs. Here is what wire sawing really is and how the company can help you.

What is Wire Sawing?

Concrete Wire sawing is used for cutting through steel-encased concrete like steel supports, reinforced bars and concrete retaining walls. During the process of sawing, a diamond cutting edge is used. This enables the wire saw to perfectly remove and segment even bigger chunks of the reinforced concrete. However, in urban areas where the structures are mostly concrete and too big, the traditional way of saw cutting might not be as reliable as previously thought to be. It is imperative to use the latest technology in cutting through the thickness. 360 Demo believes in constantly adapting to the advancements in technology. Their wire saws can swiftly cut horizontally and vertically at any angle. While cutting through the concrete slab, they ensure that precision is maintained.

When should you consider wire sawing?

Wire sawing is a strong method and should be done on metal engine blocks. It can be carried out on stone, concrete, asphalt, brick, metal and cinder block to name a few.

Why should you reach out to 360 Demo?

The professionals at 360 Demo have a wide range of experience in carrying out wire sawing. They have experience in cutting through heavily reinforced concrete like machine bases, bridge sections and even piers. While doing so, they use techniques that bring down vibrations and breakage that are associated with the cutting process. Their team of highly skilled professionals can carry out the task easily, efficiently and safely. Each member undergoes high-level training, that enables them to perform to their very best.

In decades of providing services to their clients, they have worked hard to build long-lasting relationships. When you approach them for any task, they will work with you to understand what the project entails. Based on that, they will customize the services. Each project is unique and important in their eyes. With them, you can be sure to get the importance that your project needs and deserves. They will share an intricate plan of what the process will entail.

The task is carried out within the promised time. They understand that cost plays a determining factor. You can be sure to get the best competitive pricing in the market. With them, you get what you see. There is no need to worry about any hidden costs. 360 Demo is always just a call away.

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