Top Tips for Purchasing Your Own Condominium


There are many things to consider when buying a condo, it is a lot different to purchasing a house. A condo can be bought at a much lower price, especially if you shop around and take your time when searching for options. In most condos, you will find a range of amenities, some of which include swimming pools and fitness centres.

If you plan on buying a condo, read through these top tips.

Should I Purchase a Condo?

Buying property is a big investment, so before you part with your money, make sure you are making the right decision. If you go for a condo in Bangkok, you will find a range of outstanding projects. Developments like the TAIT 12 in the heart of Sathorn is a unique condominium project that is attracting a lot of attention. If a condo is the right fit for you, you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to the Thai capital.

Is it Different to Other Properties?

Buying a condo is different to buying other types of property. When you buy a condo, you have to sign other contracts to ensure you understand some of the rules and regulations of the project. All of these contracts are put in place to ensure each resident enjoys the project to its fullest. You should read through each document to ensure your fully understand the regulations.

What Does it Include?

There are many different types of condos available in Bangkok, all come with varying amenities. When buying, it is important to know what they offer.

You will want to find out if the price includes things such as:

  • Fitness room
  • Private parking
  • Swimming pool

Find out about the finer details, such as ‘Is the parking place in a shaded area?’. Some condos offer basic features, while others go above and beyond to satisfy their clients.

Future Plans

When considering a condo, you should also try and predict your future plans. We know this is difficult, but it could save you a lot of heartache. Luckily, if you decide to sell, a condo won’t depreciate as much as a house.

The tips listed in this article are designed to make buying a condo easier. Buying a condo is an exciting venture, but you must consider all the factors before putting pen to paper. Do as much research as possible and use a knowledgeable estate agent if you do not feel like searching for property alone.


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