Tips on how to sell a house fast


You are ready to sell your home so you can embark on some new, exciting chapter of life. Maybe the house has recently been valued for probate. Even if you are experiencing foreclosure, having your home sit stale on the market for many days is a nail-biting and anxious experience. Fortunately, there are many ways to speed up the sale of your house without going overboard with your budget on renovation.

Before starting on anything else, it is essential to have a valuation of your house or real estate to have an idea. Or rather, know the average home value for Orlando or the area your house is located.  Using your house’s condition as your starting point, your agent can help you find a list price that will likely drive quick offers. You can also highlight the weather, school district, and proximity to attractions, but there are some things you can do for the specific property that will help you close the deal fast.

Taking good pictures

Lighting is crucial when it comes to showcasing your house. It makes the rooms feel brighter, warmer, and easier to look at. Lighting also plays a significant role in the photography process. Your photo listing is probably the first thing the buyers will see, potentially the last. It needs to be attractive, accurate, and tell what living there will be like.

If your home has a visible imperfection, faulting wiring, or overall looks old, this will be a setback for you. Think of updating the light fixtures if they are outdated.

Make a quick and easy renovation

It is undeniable that damage and a fix-upper home can keep your Orlando house from selling fast. We all have things in the house that we’ve meant to do forever but just haven’t had time to. If the home you are selling needs repairs, it may turn away prospective buyers. No one wants to invest in a cash drain. A fresh touch of paint can do wonders for your interior and exterior look. Stick to neutral colors that your buyers are less likely to paint over.

If your carpet is worn out, stained or even overall looks damaged, you get an upgrade. Prioritize your repairs, for example, cosmetic upgrading can make your home look far more attractive to the eye, but it’s better not to leave your buyer with lengthy repairs like air conditioning, lighting, plumbing, heating, architectural damage, etc. I doubt you would love to move into a house where toilets work only half the time, so you can’t expect your buyer to want that either.

Cleaning and reducing clutter

Too much of your personal effects, clutter, and general messiness will not attract buyers. Your photos and videos, if you have any, should be a preview of what it would be like to live in this house.

First, reduce your personal effects like family photos, posters, children’s toys, religious material, or anything you feel will not attract buyers; just put it away. The idea is to show off the house’s best features while still being able to live in it if you are yet to move.

Secondly, if you constantly worry about how I can   sell my house fast in Orlando, give it a thorough deep cleaning. Not just spot cleaning, extensive cleaning. You might be able to get rid of clutter and old photos, but when buyers come to see the house, it will be a different story.


Selling a home can be stressful, especially if you’re on a tight deadline. Fortunately, whether you need to sell fast because of a new job, a life event, e.g., a divorce or financial reasons, there are ways to speed up the process. If you don’t have a big budget to get your home sell-ready, focus on what is the first impression you want your buyers to have.

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