Technology surrounds everyone


Since the beginning of the world, there has been the technology surrounding these people in this society. The first companies have developed fires and even an irrigation system to ensure that all their cultures were well watered and taken care of ensuring that the village was well fed. In the present, the technology is everywhere. This sudden explosion of growth, in the technological sense, climbed beyond the belief in these previous years. Previously, people went well without mobile phones, MP3 players, iPod and personal computer. Nowadays, take someone’s cellphone from them and they are lost. Most people agree that technology is an immense help, but sometimes what is so useful and practical, prevents all society throughout communication with others around them.

With e-mail training, there has been a definitive loss in hand written letters as well as phone calls. Coming into contact with people at a personal level is no longer. The letters written by hand to friends or family are almost extinct. What has been attacked and impatiently awaited to become unattractive for the younger generation to take the minutes of a few more minutes to meet the envelope. By typing a few sentences, then clicking on a mouse several times, takes a minimum of a few seconds. The sincerity of everything is lost.

When you want to get in touch with people, the fall of an email has the way to be an acceptable way to handle things, even if it was thought at some point as being too rude. Often people think an email is a faster way to meet or earn information when supporting a phone and dialing a number is easier and can be faster.

This example as left this world in an outfit. When some of the young generations come into contact with seniors, they do not know how to effectively and effectively communicate with each other. There is a communication gap within society. Most of those who enter high school can not even treat the seniors and do not even know which written letter by hand is. There is too much typing and exposed computer processing and not enough provocation tasks, as a good old-fashioned note. Nothing is more personal and the warming of the heart. The words typed by a computer are considered hard and cold without meaning behind them.

Everyone was trampled in this whirlwind is also a speed demon. Most people with these new technologies because they are so immediate in their treatment, are impatient and undisciplined. If something is not finished immediately, they start clinging and becoming irritable.

Many of these technologies, such as the personal computer or mobile phone have also resulted in an increase in addition or attention deficit disorder. Many children and even adults have too much to do, they can no longer focus on one thing for a long time.

Family weather also slides a way in many ways. Children are either on the computer, talking to their friends or in their room listening to music and not, their mp3 players. Parents are doing their business they need to accomplish too. This leaves the family members by themselves, without human interaction. The days of board games and family meetings are almost non-existent.

There are of course good things to this increase in technology. The information can be sent faster, you can drop shared images, etc., with the family at a faster pace. If a grandparent lives at 600 km and their grandchildren is born, they can immediately see the baby if they both have a webcam, unlike the mail waiting for the images and what weeks later. It’s just a short example; There are of course millions more.

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