Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Easy Bathroom Lighting Ideas



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, great bathroom lighting should include a layered lighting approach that includes a careful combination of ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. This would ensure the lighting in your bathroom is appropriate for not only moving around but also performing grooming tasks such as applying make-up, tweezing your eyebrows, shaving, and more.

The Ideas

Here are a few easy bathroom lighting ideas that you can follow:

  1. Ambient lighting – Ambient lighting serves as the primary lighting solution that illuminates the bathroom space and is also responsible for creating a suitable color temperature. To infuse the bathroom space with powerful ambient lighting, you can install recessed lighting such as ceiling lights that eliminate shadows and dim spots in the majority of the bathroom space.

You can install flush mount lights to add a more decorative touch or invest in pendant lights such as chandeliers if your bathroom has a high ceiling to create an eye-catching attraction.

  1. Task lighting – Oftentimes, ambient lighting is not powerful enough for grooming tasks. That’s where task lighting such as track lights can help you. You can install track lights over the mirror or vanity and adjust them to point downwards. The focused lighting will ensure you have no problems when shaving or applying make-up.

Alternatively, you can install a pair of wall sconce lighting about 60 to 70 inches above the floor and at an equal distance from the side of the mirror to light up any dark corners in your grooming area. Just ensure that you only install damp-rated fixtures if the lighting is close to a wet area to reduce the risk of accidents when you are hopping in the shower.

  1. Accent lighting – Accent lighting is the final layer of lighting that you need in your bathroom to create a harmonized lighting solution. The purpose of installing accent lighting is to highlight the decorative elements in your bathroom such as a beautiful tile backsplash or fixtures.

Additionally, accent lighting helps to ensure that your bathroom is illuminated evenly in every nook and corner when ambient and task lighting is not enough. They are also great for creating a calm and relaxing environment that is suitable for a date night or spa day.

We recommend you install dimmers in your bathroom lighting to adjust the brightness of the light according to your requirements. A dim lighting solution is a great mood setter and helps to create a calm and relaxing vibe in your bathroom space.

  1. Smart LED lighting – Finally, you can invest in smart LED lighting that is not only more power-efficient than traditional lighting but also allows you to adjust the color tones, color temperature, and brightness. Additionally, you can easily control smart LED lighting via a remote or smartphone app.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you adjust the color temperature of the lighting in your bathroom as close to natural light as possible. We recommend you purchase lights that emit cool white light in the temperature range of between 3500K to 4100k or 5000k to 6500k to replicate daylight.

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