Makeover Tips to Enhance Your Rental Scottsdale Apartment


Having a rental apartment does not mean you cannot decorate it to enjoy a memorable stay. As you are renting makeover does not have to be a lot. With some great tips given below, you can convert a rental apartment into a luxurious space. A little change and you will certainly see a significant difference in the interiors. Visit the Old Town Scottsdale shopping center. You can find stylish furniture as well as other home décor items that can help to enhance your rental apartment.

Opt for purposive décor

If you bring work home on weekends then ensure to add some elements in your makeover that will make these tasks happen with ease. For example, choose a computer desk with everything needed to enjoy your work from home. You can benefit from not having to get up and break your momentum. Include laptop charger, outlet, bookshelf, and coffee cup holder within arm’s reach. It ensures comfort and productivity.

Hang art

Hanging some favorite art on the wall makes the space look personal. If there are some spots or cracks on the wall, art frames can cover them easily. Be cautious, while nailing the frame to avoid possible issues like cracks or leaks.

Repaint the walls

Usually, the landlords maintain their apartment and have the walls painted standard white shade. It is convenient, but if you prefer to repaint the wall, it is cool. People choose jade gray or light blue to make space look large and stunning.

Customizable wall stickers 

With themed wall stickers, you can convert your apartment more quirky very fast. It will help to complement the space look. For example, if there are plenty of plants in a single room choose a wilderness theme wall sticker to create a natural landscape.

Add plants

Plant pots placed inside the house helps to give the space a positive vibe and keeps the air fresh. If you choose a flowering plant with fragrance then sitting in the room offers a calm and relaxing feel.

Use title tattoos

Tile tattoos help to enhance the ugly, boring tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. You can choose decorative or solid patterns available in different sizes.

Disguise ugly flooring

Install vinyl plank flooring, which floats over the existing flooring. These are 100% removable and inexpensive. Ugly floors can also be covered with removable vinyl decal stickers. Lay a rug and you can pack them with you whenever you leave.

The options to enhance a rental home are many, just be creative!

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