Interior Design Ideas To Get Your Airbnb Listing Noticed


As Airbnb options appear more frequently across the world, competition becomes fierce for homeowners looking to ensure guests choose their property over others. While there are no set rules on home to ensure your home reaches the top of the rankings in the local area, there are generally accepted ways in which a property can improve its reputation and climb the ranks.

If you’re looking to begin your journey as a host or want to improve your property as you already offer it, here are the essential ways in which interior design can be improved and influence your home’s appearance, utility, and impression.

Statement Pieces

Instead of offering the same dull designs that a hotel might, get bold with your aesthetics and incorporate styles that you might not be brave enough to embrace elsewhere. Bold colours and statement wallpapers can not only be fun but also give guests the perfect opportunity to share your home as a stylish backdrop in their photographs.

Efficiency Of Design

One of the most ubiquitous criticisms hosts receive from guests is that a property was high maintenance. Certain guests will also decline a stay if there are too many tasks involved, such as maintenance or cleaning-related chores. As such, an efficient and clean design is preferred, one that requires little maintenance while still offering due comfort.

Memory Aesthetics

It can be remarkably fun for guests to see and participate in the memories of those who have also stayed in the same location. Some hosts will decorate a noticeboard with small note currency from around the world or encourage guests to leave personal notes inside a guest book. Whatever you choose to do, offering part of your living space to be impressed upon is likely to help guests feel valued.

Privacy Matters

While Airbnb allows you to offer a single room within your home, it can be inconvenient for guests to share a living space with others. This is largely because privacy is a valued asset. That’s not to say, however, that a single room shouldn’t be offered to guests but, instead, that a room should be designed to be as independent and as private as possible.

Natural Spaces

Welcoming in the sunshine and decorating a space with plants are conducive to happiness because humans cherish nature, which is why summer houses remain in great demand for personal stays. While not every home can offer a private garden, many can certainly design their interiors with nature and the wild in mind.

Smart Style

Add clean and clever utility to your home with a smart design. This doesn’t mean overwhelming a space’s aesthetic with gadgets but, instead, incorporating them into the furniture in discreet ways. Plugs can be covered, wireless chargers mounted on surfaces, and voice assistants used to help guests interact with the room more easily.

Themed Aesthetics

If you have the interest, a themed room can be an attractive option for guests, many of whom will be curious to see what the experience is like. If you’re in an area with a distinct icon or heritage, it can be worthwhile to incorporate these elements into your home’s interior, offering guests to immerse themselves in the region’s culture.

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