Information Technology and its strategic use


Information Technology and Strategic Use

The success or failure of the organization in a very competitive business world and technology depends on how they managed to streamline the flow of information between their departments and beyond the world. This is where he is in action. This is related to the application of technology to automate information flow in organizational information systems. Strategic opportunity framework allows executives to identify opportunities for strategic use.

The main area that must be considered to study the effect is:

1. Develop information technology strategies

Problems such as critical success factors, IT planning and labor are considered. The workforce is very important because it can decide on a successful or not strategy.

2. Strategic use of information technology

This is a spacious area where many core problems appear. Questions like
A. Is it necessary?
b. What is the impact in the business world?
c. What opportunities are included in the company’s business field?
. Is there a value for business studied here?

Spotless blend of IT strategies with company strategies must be achieved through the principles of lawsuit

3. Quality management

Quality control methods, audits, different strategies used in TQM are handled in this field. Because quality cannot be easily defined, the study of quality control and maintenance is feasible to involve our involvement and interest.

It can be used to develop new products or processes or to improve existing products and processes to achieve competitive advantage in the market or to influence a significant increase in internal operations. The natural potential is important for an organization depending on the intensity of process information and information content from the product. Strategic use in an organization is needed to bend the IT strategy into the company’s strategy.

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