Graphic Designer Tips: Functioning Business Card Design


Good quality business card value

Name cards are an effective promotional tool, which reflects and represents your business and of course, you. Even if you are a specialized business executive, badly designed cards communicate otherwise. The appropriate well-designed card represents you and your business can cancel the recipient. Investing in high-quality cards may be expensive, but you will be surprised by the number of potential clients who will contact you to discuss business proposals after you start giving new and better cards.

Your business card must represent your company

Business card design must reflect your type of business. If your company deals with tourism, your business card must be colorful and vibrant, while financial institutions must use a minimal and simple style. The reason is that people associate the quality reflected in your card with your organization and can choose to do business with your company only if it seems to have the appropriate quality. Your card is the first representation in the end and it must have an impact.

Include your company’s logo

Your company logo is one of the most important elements on your card, because the logo generally has the power to reflect business and gain the trust of potential clients. When your logo comes into contact with the target audience, it creates the impression of your business.

Add slogans or tag lines

If your business doesn’t have a slogan or tag line, you need to make it that reflects what your company does in a very short sentence or phrase. This phrase can be part of your company’s vision or mission statement. Save compact, attractive, memorable and clear, with no more than five words. Don’t assume this as an opportunity to provide complicated details about your product.

Simply put

The background is preferred for a white or gray name card, both of which prevent business cards look very messy. If you have a lot of information to be provided, use both sides of the card to make each of them look wide. Your goal is to make your card look interesting while giving all important information.

Add picture

You can add photos of your self-quality, professionally to increase their impact significantly. Because most cards do not have pictures, adding faces to your other impressive credentials, creating the possibility that potential clients will remember your card. Or, you can add images that reflect your work line. If you are a graphic designer or the company’s official graphic design, the sample image can add strength to your business card.

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