7 Unique Wall Decal Ideas That Will Transform Your Bathroom 


Who says bathroom wall decals look good only in restaurant and mall restrooms? Are you looking for creative, fun and affordable ways to make your powder room less boring and exciting?

You need to bring home trendy bathroom wall decals and renovate your bathroom today. Wall decals are a great way to revamp a place without causing a dent in your pocket. The best part is that they are easy to install and remove so you can peel them off in the future if you are bored of them.

Installing self-adhesive wallpapers or decals in your powder room for the first time and looking for some inspiration? You have stumbled upon the right place. Here are 7 amazing wall decal ideas that you can consider using for your powder room in 2022.

Inspiring one liners 

Want you and your family to start your day on a positive note? Why not find a wall decal of your favourite quote and install it on the wall above your sink or anywhere else in your bathroom? This will help boost your confidence when you are getting ready for your day and will give you the courage to go out in the world and chase your dreams.

Tile decals 

Are you obsessed with Moroccan tiles but don’t have a budget to get the real ones installed in your powder room? Why not bring home tile wall decals in vibrant colours and whimsical prints of your choice and install them in your bathroom? Tile decals will instantly make your restroom look personal and posh.

Floral decals

We are talking about dainty floral motifs, tropical leaves, trees and other nature-related elements. Floral decals instantly make a space radiate a chic and sophisticated vibe. So, go ahead and break the myth that powder rooms are meant to be boring by adding oomph to your bathroom interior design by installing minimalistic floral decals in your powder room.

Aquatic themed decals

You can consider installing mermaids, fish, turtles and other sea creature decals in your powder room and have an aquatic theme going on. You can even go ahead and paint your powder room is aquatic-inspired hues like midnight blue, teal, pale blue etc. People who have a bathtub in their bathroom can consider installing wall decals on the wall against their bathtub to elevate the aesthetics of their bathtub nook.

Bring in humour 

Why not give an unexpected dose of laughter to your guests when they enter your powder room? We are talking about installing wall decals of witty and quirky one-liners which will make your guests burst into laughter while they freshen up in your bathroom.

Butterfly decals 

Want your powder room to emit a calm and Zen vibe? Why not install butterfly decals on a feature wall or the wall against your bathtub or your wash basin? There is something about butterflies that instantly make a space emit a good vibe. You can either go for miniature-sized butterflies or single, statement butterfly decals.
A pro bathroom interior design tip is to paint your walls in a neutral hue if you are planning to decorate your bathroom walls with butterfly decals as this will ensure that the decals become the showstopper of your powder room.

Rules wall decals 

Want to remind your guests to keep the powder room clean and organised? Why not install quirky wall decals which remind them of your bathroom rules in a fun and light manner? You can install these wall decals on the walls against the wash basin, above the toilet or behind your bathroom doors. Go ahead and pick up wall decals which convey the message in a quirky and goofy way.

So, which of these bathroom wall decal ideas did you enjoy the most? Looking to buy self adhesive wallpapers for your new home? Visit the Asian Paints website to seek bathroom interior design inspirations which will transform your blah powder room into a stylish one.

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